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Everything You Need to Setup the Perfect Little Girl’s Tea Party for Photos

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How do you celebrate your birthday when you are turning two and your best friend is a German Shepherd? You have a tea party, of course.

I can’t believe my baby is two! I know all moms say this but time sure does fly. For Alba’s second birthday photo shoot I wanted to do something fun with our German Shepherd since he’s been a little left out lately. He’s still our first baby and very much spoiled but Alba has definitely been stealing the spotlight from him a little.

I wish I could have done this in my backyard, however they have started building new homes behind ours and the view just isn’t what it used to be. So I packed up all of our stuff along with Alba and Bruno and drove to a nearby park to set up.

Just a girl and her dog having tea.

Alba’s table and chairs from Ikea were perfect for this little setup. I picked up some lace fabric from the fabric store to use as the table cloth which I ended up putting on upside down. You can’t tell from far away but I was pretty upset about it when I found out. Trying to wrangle a toddler and a dog and setup a picture perfect tea party setting is no walk in the park.

I picked up some cute tea cups and a tea pot from Home Goods for a steal so that I wouldn’t be too sad if they got broken, which I totally expected to happen. I’m happy to report that everything is still in one piece.

I also used this adorable cupcake stand that I purchased on Amazon for Alba’s first birthday party. Topped with some cheap cupcakes from the grocery store and we were ready to go.

I did bring some tea because Alba is obsessed with actually pouring liquid into the cups. I knew if the teapot was empty she would be over it in about 2.4 seconds. I still had to work fast because again… toddler and a dog.

Once Bruno was over the whole ordeal, Stella the Polar Bear (our favorite bear from Cuddle and Kind) joined us for a hot cup of tea as well.

I’m really happy with how they turned out. I’m definitely printing one on a big canvas to put on our wall.

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