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22 Best Kids Craft Kits Guaranteed to Make Parents Happy in 2022

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Crafting is a great way to spend time with your kids, as well as teach them about creativity and building skills. Crafting has many other benefits for kids including developing fine motor skills, encouraging teamwork and socialization as well as improving problem-solving skills. In this blog post, we have compiled a list of the best craft kits for kids that they will actually enjoy. The crafts are fun and creative, so read on to learn more!

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Scratch Art Paper Set

This scratch art paper set is perfect for kids (and adults) of all ages. My daughter loves this and really enjoys drawing and creating her own designs on this paper. The paper is black but when scratched off with the wooden stencils, a beautiful rainbow colors appear below. It’s perfect to keep in the car for those long car rides and dinner at restaurants to keep the little ones busy.

Paint Your Own Magnet

This adorable Wooden Magnet Painting Kit includes 40 different wooden magnets ready to be painted by you and your little ones. Have fun designing your own wooden magnet, perfect for birthday party gift ideas and craft kids for children. You really do get a lot of value for the price here. My daughter likes to do 3-4 magnets at the time so it’s given us an opportunity to use it over and over again. She’s so proud of her creations and loves displaying them on our fridge.

Sprinkle Art Shaker

Crayola Sprinkle Art Shaker is a truly unique creative toy for kids, ideal for children age 5 & up. My daughter is four and loved playing with a little bit of my help, making sure the mess is minimal. Kids can use the glue to outline and then add sprinkles to the sprinkle dispenser, close and shake and watch their creations appear on the paper. It’s a less mess, no waste solution for easy sprinkle artwork.

Play-Doh Bakery Creations

Play-Doh Bakery Creations Dough Art Set comes with all the tools needed for little bakers to make the most colorful crazy cakes, cookies, and cupcakes imaginable!

Use the Play-Doh cupcake maker to create and decorate pretend cupcakes any way you want. The cupcake tower has a frosting tool in the middle for fun frosting swirls! The molds, cutters, stampers, and other pretend food tools let kids’ Imaginations go wild as they imagine being the boss at their very own bakery.

Water Drawing Mat

This Extra Large Water Drawing Mat is truly mess free, made of high-quality polyester, no ink, no mess, non-toxic, no pollution. It’s perfect for toddlers. Easy to clean and can be folded to a compact size.

Planets and Space theme, color bright and lively, attracting children’s attention. Kids can learn the Planet names while painting and playing.

Color Your Own Pillow Case

Doodle World Map Pillowcase is a fun educational ‘around the world’ learning adventure that’s great for improving geography knowledge. Keeps kids busy and happy any time of day and makes bedtime extra fun as they color and discover the countries, wild animals and modern wonders of the world!

Comes with 10 washable fabric markers. Marker ink washes out completely in a warm wash (leaving no mark on anything else in the wash either!) leaving the kid’s world map coloring pillowcase fresh and clean for you to enjoy coloring in and discovering more about the countries and continents of the world again – endlessly!

Rock Painting Kit

Rock Painting Kit For Kids includes fun designs that can easily be transferred on to the rocks for easy design creation.

10 rocks for painting are included in this arts and craft kit! This intro to rock painting kit is great for adult beginners and kids alike. Everything you need need to paint, decorate and hide 10 rocks is included.

Make Your Own Sand Art

Sand Art DIY Kit includes 4 sand bottles and 2 pendents bottles with 8 bright sand colors. This kit will allow your little creators to learn how to layer colorful patters to create one-of-a-kind designs. Kids can express themselves and discover art through different art mediums.

My daughter enjoyed every step of this activity and proudly displays her creations on the shelf in her room.

Slime Deluxe Starter Kit

Elmer’s Glue Deluxe Starter Slime Kit includes 2 bottles of clear School glue and 2 bottles of blue glitter glue for sparkly Slime creations and incredible art.

While we’ve had some sticky slime before that was too messy for my taste, I really do enjoy Elmer’s glue for its washable, safe and nontoxic formula for kid-friendly fun with easier cleanup.

Flower Craft Kit for Kids

This Flower Craft Kit is a fun craft activity can help kids practice hand eye coordination and inspire their creativity.

This adorable flower craft kit comes with one vase and tons of buttons, felt flowers, and paper strings you can use to create your own flower bouquet with your kids.

Decorate Your Own Water Bottle

Super Fun Water Bottle Craft Kit comes with 6 sheets of super cute stickers in adorably kid-oriented on-trend designs plus another sheet of glitter gem stickers with 300 individual rhinestone style stickers. It gives your little one lots of options to bling out their bottle!

Everything you need included to create a personalized water bottle comes in this kids craft kit! Super opportunity to foster creativity! Simply apply whichever stickers appeal most!

Create Your Own Window Art

Window Art Creations Kit comes with 12 window whimsical window art creations. Kids can mix colors, create fun patterns and paint personalized designs to express themselves!

Build and Paint Birdhouse Kit

This 2 Pack DIY Birth House Kit includes everything you need to build and paint your own birdhouse with your kids.

This activity is great for hand-eye coordination, creative expression, fine motor skills, pretend play, and self confidence.

Create Your Own Crystal Power Bouncy Balls

This Creative Magic Bouncy Balls Kit unique arts and crafts set comes with all the supplies needed for kids to create their very own mini magic power balls.

Just pour, dip and bounce – simple 3-step science experiment provides a fast, clean, easy & educational activity for boys and girls. Features five separate molds.

Play-Doh Sand

This Play-Doh Sand Pack for kids 3 years and up is a non-toxic, quality-tested formula from the trusted arts and crafts brand known and loved around the world for decades.

My daughter discovered play sand about a year ago and I must say I was immediately in love with it. I very much prefer it to slime as it doesn’t stick to clothing and can easily be vacuumed after a play session.

Play-Doh Sand compound keeps its shape when you mold it, allowing kids to explore their imagination and creativity with the included  fun beach-themed tools including a seashell stamper, bucket, and shovel.

WikkiStix 101 for Doodlers

Wikki Stix are easy to use, just press them down and they stick! This fun and handy doodle toy is endlessly reusable. Made of wax-infused yard, the sticks are slightly tacky to the touch and adhere to most smooth surfaces with just fingertip pressure. They can be peeled up and repositioned to make changes until you are happy with your creation. Perfect for toddlers and older kids.

Paper Bag Puppets

Let your kids get creative and make paper bag puppets with this Paper Bag Puppets Kids Art and Craft Activity Set.

Parents’ Magazine Best Toys of the Year and Parents’ Choice Approved Award Winner

Includes 5 colored bags, 270 stickers and paper shapes, glue stick and easy picture instructions.

Make Your Own GEM Keychains

This GEM Keychain Set is great for hand-eye coordination, creative expression, fine motor skills, and self-confidence.

Diamond painting is enjoyable activity, fun crafts you can make with your kids.

The process is super easy and enjoyable – PEEL to reveal adhesive, DAB onto a wax square, PICK UP gems with stylus, PLACE gems on adhesive. Enjoy your creation!

Paint Your Own Wooden Cars

This easy to assemble and paint Wooden Cars Craft Kit is perfect for a birthday, the holidays, or anyone who loves creating!

Children can follow the instructions to build 3 wooden race cars with pre-cut pieces. They can make each car unique with different color schemes, stickers and more!

Arts and Crafts Supplies

Let your child’s imagination take the lead with this Craft Art Supply Kit for Toddlers. This kit comes with everything you could possibly need to create endless projects.

Hand Puppet Making Kit

Kids will have a blast creating their own puppets with this Hand Puppet Making Kit! They can make multiple characters such as green dinosaur, owl with a tie, pink chicken, etc. This puppet making kit is great for developing fine motor skills in children as well as promoting children’s brain development and creativity.

Create-Your-Own Superhero Masks Kit

If your child loves superheros, then this Superhero Mask Kit is the perfect craft kit for them! They can create their own masks with this kit and become their favorite superhero. It’s a great way to let their imagination run wild and have some fun!

I hope you have enjoyed this post on the best 22 craft kits for kids! If you have any experience with these crafts or your own tips on crafting with kids, please feel free to share them in the comments section! And if you found this post helpful, please be sure to like and share it on social media. Thanks so much for reading. Happy creating!

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