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How To Create iOS 14 Home Screen Aesthetic

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Apple released its iOS14 a few days ago and I am already seeing so many great ideas on how to organize the home screen and how to make the home screen more aesthetically pleasing.

Some people are creating and using custom app icons to create a whole new look using shortcuts. However, I’m seeing that shortcuts are slowing down the phone for many. I wanted to show you ways to organize and create aesthetically pleasing home screens using the original app icons and adding widgets.

First step you’ll want to do is download the free app called Widgetsmith. Within the Widgetsmith app on your phone you are able to create three different sizes of widgets: small, medium and large.

The type of widgets that are currently available are:

  • Time
  • Date
  • Custom (Photo, Text)
  • Battery
  • Calendar
  • Reminders
  • Weather
  • Health & Activity
  • Tides
  • Astronomy

Once you choose the widget size and type you are able to customize it by changing the font, tint color, background color and border color. This allows for endless possibilities when it comes to creating a certain aesthetic for your home screen.

Once you have created your widget, go back to your home screen and long press to enter “jiggle mode” until you see the “+” sign on the upper left side of the screen. Click on the “+” in the upper left, scroll down to Widgetsmith, choose the size of the widget you just created. Once the widget is on your home screen click on it to choose the specific widget you want to appear (if you created more than one). You can have as many widgets as you like.

I decided to organize all of my apps by color and use widgets in coordinating colors to add some useful information and fun photos to my home screen.

Below are some examples on what you are able to create by moving the icons around plus adding widgets.

For the “Red iOS 14 Home Screen aesthetic” I grouped all of my red colored apps together and I used the clock widget and the photo widget, both in size small. I found the hearts photo by doing a quick google image search on my phone.

The “Yellow iOS 14 Home Screen aesthetic” was achieved by grouping all of my yellow apps together and adding one large photo widget. I used a photo of a sunset from our recent trip to Aruba.

For the “Purple iOS 14 Home Screen aesthetic” I used two medium sized widgets and made both of them photo widgets but they could easily be changed to a calendar widget or anything you will find useful here.

My “Green iOS 14 Home Screen aesthetic” was created using three different widgets. The first one is the calendar widget with customized colors, the second one is a photo I took a while back and the third one is a quote I created in Canva. You could also google image search for quotes and find the one that you like and that fits the aesthetic you are going for.

These are a few more examples to show you the remainder of my home screens: blue, pink, black, white and of course rainbow! ????

As you can see, the possibilities are endless. Widgets not only allow you to have the information you need on your home screen but they also help your home screen look more visually appealing. I know it makes me happy looking at my perfectly color coordinated home screens!