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Spark*l |Apple Watch Bands Review

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I was never the one to wear a lot of jewelry but I have been obsessed with watches from an early age. I have gathered quite a collection of watches over the years but after getting my first Apple Watch I almost immediately stopped wearing regular watches. I always wanted to have my Apple Watch on, especially for fitness tracking.

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I mostly wore the boring rubber watch band that the watch comes with and I ended up buying one of the nicer leather watches from Apple a year or so in. I didn’t feel like Apple had anything special to offer as far as Apple Watch bands. They were super expensive and unoriginal.

I even bought some supplies and made a couple of my own bands but it still wasn’t what I had imagined. Something was missing. This is when I stumbled upon Spark*l Bands.

I was immediately obsessed!

Spakl*l is a small, woman owned shop in California that makes all of their Apple Watch bands and other accessories here in the U.S. I follow Courtney (the owner of Spark*l) on Instagram and have loved seeing her business grow.

Their Apple Watch bands are amazing and so unique. She makes watch bands for other watches as well including Fitbit Versa and Samsung Galaxy.

Courtney takes old designer bags from Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Fendy, Burberry, Dior and others and gives them a new life by upcycling them and making them into watch bands. She only uses authentic bags and never counterfeit goods!

If up-cycled designed Apple Watch Bands aren’t your cup of tea, you are able to find beautiful watch bands made out of natural leather on her website as well. These items are also priced lower than the designed bands but honestly just as beautiful in my opinion.


I have created a Spark*l highlight on my Instagram account, feel free to check it out for more details about the bands I own.

I 100% recommend Spark*l to anyone that’s looking for a stylish and authentic leather Apple Watch Band. I do have a Spark*l Bands discount code for you guys when you order from their website.

Discount Code VANJA10 will save you 10% on your total purchase.

You’ll also find a variety of other products on their website, including leather wallets, purses, earrings, key fobs and other accessories including baby accessories and pet leashes and bandanas as well.

Some of their styles sell out fast! Don’t worry, I have some tips on how to score the band of your dreams.

You can pretty much order any of Spark*l watch bands from their website as they are made to order. It takes a couple of weeks for them to ship, so just plan ahead especially if you are buying as gift during the holiday season.

In addition to made to made-to-order bands, the Spark*l team announces ready to ship and limited edition items every weekday on their Instagram account. These ready to ship items appear on their New Drops page on the website at 3pm Central time.

Sometimes they also have what they call perfectly imperfect bands which they sell for 50% off. These are usually items with very small flaws and the discount is definitely worth it.

Some of their items sell out within minutes, if not seconds. If there is something you really want, I would suggest using Apple Pay as I have found it to be the quickest way to checkout and pay before the item jumps out of your cart.

If you don’t have Apple Pay, I would suggest creating an account and entering your payment information before the daily drop so that you are ready to go at 3pm Central.

Order your Spark*l Apple watch band here and use code VANJA10 to get 10% off your purchase.

I have also recently discovered these Apple Watch Covers on Amazon that look great with my Apple Watch Bands. They come in a variety of colors (I have them all – gold, silver, rose gold and black). It’s a great way to dress up your watch and change up the look without much effort. They are super inexpensive (with many under $10). I’ll link my favorites below.