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Valentine’s Day Cookie Decorating Party: Everything you need

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My daughter was pretty excited about Valentine’s Day this year. She was pretty mesmerized by all the pink and red hearts everywhere. Valentine’s day happened to fall on the day she was out of school this year so a friend of mine that has two little precious girls and I decided to put together a little Valentine’s Day cookie decorating party for the three of them.

The whole day was a huge hit and each child walked away with cookies and cards to give daddy, grandma and grandpa. They were so proud of their creations.

We actually set up the table with some drawing supplies and let them make cards first. Alba loved putting all the heart stickers on all of her cards for her favorite people.

Once they were finished with their drawing and sticker activity we let them play while we set the table and prepared the cookie dough. We just used frozen cookie dough balls and let them sit at room temperature for a few minutes so that they can be shaped and cut with the fun cookie cutters that we got for them.

If you want to skip this step you can. If you just don’t feel like baking cookies or don’t have the oven readily available, I found this set of heart shaped cookies ready for decorating that would be perfect.

We picked up some frosting and sprinkles at the local grocery store but I am listing some fun options available on Amazon for you below.

Finally, we had the girls put their cookies in individual bags to give away as gifts. Target dollar spot had some fun Valentine’s Day themed cookie bags and other accessories but again I’m linking some great options available form Amazon below.

Alba proudly gave her cookie to daddy as soon as he got home. She was so excited to tell him about how she made it all by herself.

I hope your little ones enjoy this Valentine’s day cookie decorating activity.